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The classic packaging for honey is 300 kg disposable metal drums.


We trade honey worldwide. The most important supplying countries are those of South America and Eastern Europe including Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine.


Honey is a delicate product and quality is especially important to us. In addition to honey, our product range includes precious by-products. We deliver both conventional and organic (DE-ÖKO-001) honey.

We obtain the Hungarian honey from our own holding in Gödöllő. The raw honey is delivered by about 2,000 Hungarian beekeepers. In subsequent processing in Szarvas, natural thermal spring water is used to liquefy the honey. Afterwards, the honey is cleaned, filtered and mixed depending on variety and customer’s request. Strict parameters are observed, HACCP guidelines are implemented and traceability is ensured at every stage. Antibiotic residues and other parameters are continuously monitored by Hungarian and German laboratories.


In addition to classic types of honey like acacia and polyflora honey, our product range includes specialties such as propolis and beeswax.

Acacia ×  
Acacia with comb ×  
Bees wax   ×
Blossom pollens   ×
Buckwheat ×  
Chestnut ×  
Citrus ×  
Clover ×  
Colza ×  
Comb honey ×  
Eukalyptus ×  
Forest honey ×  
Lavender ×  
Linden ×  
Mexican Highland (creamy yellow) ×  
Orange ×  
Phacelia x  
Polyflora ×  
Propolis   x
Rosemary ×  
Silver fir ×  
Stone pine ×  
Sunflower ×  
Thyme ×  
Wild Flower ×  
Wild tobacco ×