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Since 1994, we have been running our own trade office in Hungary, which is the hub for the production and the trading of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as of premium honey. In addition, we later started to acquire an interest in production and packing stations.


Our subsidiary company in Budapest collaborates with longtime Hungarian suppliers. The fresh fruit and vegetables are mainly obtained from GlobalGAP- and HACCP-certified companies and are sold in the German and European markets. The goods are primarily supplied to the food processing industry or to wholesale dealers for the fresh market.


The main focus is on traditional Hungarian products such as watermelons, sour cherries, plums, peppers and apricots.


The Budapest subsidiary also organizes the trade with the surrounding countries and the new Eastern European EU member states making use of Binder’s international product range.



Our Hungarian subsidiary Pannon Honig Kft. with a branch office in Gödöllő, organizes the preparation and manufacturing of Hungarian honey, 100% of which is exported abroad. Germany, many other European countries and the Near East obtain their honey from Hungary. The raw honey for the factory in Szarvas is purchased from a network of 2,000 Hungarian beekeepers and is processed and delivered by observing strict rules.