10 locations, a global network and long term partnerships.

This ensures the reliability of the supply, product quality, quantity, and ongoing improvement in collaboration with our customers and suppliers.


International Trade and Execution
  • Worldwide trading based on customer specifications.
  • International trade in different currencies according to customer requirements. 
  • Direct transportation from the source, without temporary storage, ensures fast and sustainable delivery to the customer. 
  • Our staff, in collaboration with experienced and reliable partner companies, handle loading schedule, transportation, and document processing. 
  • Direct on-site contacts, combined with service production in the main European cultivation areas and global trading locations extending to Asia and South America, guarantee commodity supply, product range quality, and quantity.
Customer Care
  • We keep by our word. Commitment to contracts and excellence performance makes us a competent partner. 
  • Reliability in scheduling, transportation, and document processing is really important for us. 
  • Competent customer support provided through our global network and detailed market reports on key products in world markets. 
  • Ensuring compliance with country-specific legal requirements (e.g., FDA, EU standards). 
  • Direct contact, from competent staff with years of industry experience.
Production & Development
  • Continuous development of our product range in close collaboration with suppliers and customers makes us a valuable partner in the food industry. 
  • We provide services to specifically selected partners and defined product areas while including our own quality management. 
  • We advise selected suppliers in investment decisions as well as in optimization of production lines. 
  • Financing for selected suppliers to strengthen and secure the supply chain. 
  • Full control of the supply chain. 
  • On-site and global quality assurance, including our suppliers during customer audits and certification implementations.
Sustainability & Quality
  • We rely to environmentally friendly and ethically responsible production methods for sustainable sourcing through the selection of suppliers who share our values. 
  • Our dedicated quality team ensures the highest quality standards from production to delivery. 
  • Together with our suppliers, we promote sustainability and innovation throughout the supply chain.
  • We regularly report our progress to provide our customers and stakeholders with a clear insight into our developments. 
  • We operate in accordance with international standards and certifications for food safety and quality to ensure compliance with industry guidelines.

We are here for you. Anytime. Worldwide.

Personal contact is very important to us. We are more than happy to answer your questions or assist you with product selection.