Our global presence, reliability, motivation, innovative power, and over a century of experience bear fruits: Binder International is a leading company in global import and export business. For over 100 years.

Founding and establishment of trading activities


Founding and expansion of agricultural trade


Entry into wholesale of industrial fruit trade

Internationalization: Trading offices in Eastern Europe

1992 - 1994

Own locations in Poland and Hungary


Our own location in Serbia

Diversification: Raw material processing and own production

1995 bis 1998

Entry into service production in Poland

1999 - 2001

Acquisitions of production facilities in Poland and Hungary

Globalization: Entry into Asia and expansion of European locations

2006 - 2008

Own locations in Singapore, China, Russia and Sweden

Refocusing: Strategic return to trading strengths


Lease of agricultural trade


Disinvestment of own production sites in Poland and the sale of stakes in Hungary

Cross-Networking: Locations - Trade - Production


Strengthened networking of the Binder Group in trade and service production for selected partners and specific product areas


Our own location in Boston, USA

Activities in the Agricultural Sector


Successful FSA certification of 2 companies (Silver/Gold)


Co-founding of a cooperative for the cultivation of fresh Senga Sengana strawberries in Serbia


Naturland certification for raspberries, blackberries, and sour cherries in Serbia

Expansion of Internationalization


Establishment of Binder Cairo in Egypt


global presence. 


Trade Headquarter

Binder International GmbH & Co. KG
Otto-Hahn-Str. 19
71083 Herrenberg


Trading Company

Binder Eko Sp. z o. o.
Józefa Franczaka „Lalka” 43
Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości
20-325 Lublin, Poland


Trading Company

Binder International Qingdao Co. Ltd.
Room101, House No.152, No.16 Shuangyuan Road, 266108 Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China


Trading Company

Binder International of Boston LLC
945 Concord Street, Floor 1,
Framingham, MA 01701


Trading Company

Binder International Kft.
Topolya u. 4-8., 
H-1131 Budapest


Trading Office

Binder International Singapur
Singapore Correspondent Office
10 Anson Road 33-03 International Plaza
Singapore 079903


Trading Office

BIBO Turkey
Hosdere cad. 210/1
03540 Cankaya, Ankara


Trading Office

Binder International Belgrad
Binder International d.o.o.
Jurija Gagarina 14 Ž/3,
Novi Beograd, Serbia


Trading Company

Binder International Karlstad AB
Flygfältsgatan 24 B, 
SE-423 37 Torslanda


Trading Company

Binder for Export
Villa 83, block No. 3, 9th district
12588 Al Shiekh Zayed
6th October, GIZA, Ägypten


Alessia Soccodato Administrative Assistant | juice, concentrate and puree
Anita Tempel Administrative Assistant | accounting
Beate Walker Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Bernd Steinhart Senior Business Manager | IQF and fresh
Blerim Sabani Administrative Assistant | accounting
Christoph Olbrich Administrative Assistant | accounting
Daniel Hebestreit Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Daniela Haigis Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Edis Velović Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Katrin Gencel Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Larissa Frey Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Marie Schneider Administrative Assistant | IQF, fresh and freeze dried
Marion Alle Quality Management
Marius Kudler Junior Trader | IQF, fresh and freeze dried
Markus Binder CEO
Marvin Seeger Junior Trader | IQF, fresh and freeze dried
Melanie Rutzenhöfer Office Manager | juice, concentrate and puree
Melanie Zeh Administrative Assistant | IQF and fresh
Michael Sieger Senior Business Manager | IQF and fresh
Michael Röhm Administrative Assistant | accounting
Paul Malan Director, North America / Africa
Petra Schnetzke Administrative Assistant | accounting
Ralf Lämmle Senior Business Manager | juice, concentrate and puree
Raphael Brenner Purchase and Sales Manager | juice, concentrate and puree
Regina Schaller Head of Accountnig and HR
Robert Dobies Global Operation Manager | IQF and Fresh
Tamara Ipp Administrative Assistant | juice, concentrate and puree
Timon Pfleiderer Trainee
Ulrike Binder Head of Accountnig and Controlling

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