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Our product range includes a variety of products and commodities for the food processing industry, wholesalers, and food chains. If you can't find the products which you are searching, you can always request them individually.

IQF fruits, vegetables & herbs



NFC juices, juice concentrates, natural flavours



Puree & puree concentrate



Fresh fruits & vegetables




Freeze dried fruits & vegetables



Frequently asked questions.

Here you will find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Product not found in the list?

The following product overview presents only a selection of our complete range. Unlisted products can be requested individually from us at any time.

What qualities are offered

Our diverse product range allows us to meet the individual needs of our customers. Feel free to send us your quality requirements, which we will examine in detail to ensure the required quality.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

We prefer full truckloads and containers to ensure efficient delivery. Large quantities allow us to operate cost-effectively and environmentally friendly. Upon individual request, we are happy to consider the possibility of partial deliveries.

What packaging units are available?

Various packaging sizes are offered. We will gladly review your individual packaging preferences.

What certifications are available?

You can find an overview of Binder International's certifications here. Further certification standards from our producers and service providers can be examined upon request.

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